Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator wearing Gargoyles sunglasses

Buy the Sunglasses Arnold Wears in The Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the killing machine as the terminator. To complete his tough rugged look, the Gargoyles oversized sunglasses played a key role! They were-and […]

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Tom Cruise wearing Ray Ban sunglasses in Rain Man

Where to Buy Tom Cruise Rain Man Sunglasses

Actor Tom Cruise as Charlie Babbitt wears Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmaster Sunglasses in the 1988 “Rain Man” movie. Tom Cruise made these vintage Ray-Ban sunglasses iconic […]

Mark Wahlberg Wearing a Watch in Shooter

The Watch Mark Wahlberg Wears In Shooter

This piece of wrist gear aptly suits Mark’s role as a sniper in the movie. This watch is used by hikers, mountaineers and people going […]

The most common types of humour used in advertising

This article examines the most common techniques used in humorous advertising and identifies the key situations in which these techniques can be implemented. Humour has […]