Where to Buy Emma Stone’s Aloha Sunglasses

As the leading lady in the new Cameron Crowe film “Aloha”, Emma Stone sports a pair of Ray-Ban 3136 Square Caravan sunglasses. Her character, Allison Ng, is an Air Force pilot who falls in love with a military contractor, played by Bradley Cooper. The two eventually have to confront the reality that their relationship cannot continue because of their different lifestyles. The sunglasses are a perfect match for her character’s tomboyish style.

The Ray-Ban 3136 Square Caravan sunglasses are a square-shaped aviator style with a metal frame. The lenses are a gradient brown, which gets lighter towards the bottom. The sunglasses are a great choice for those with a heart or oval-shaped face, as they help to balance out the features.

The style of the sunglasses is very casual and laid-back, which is perfect for a day spent outdoors in the Hawaiian sun. They would also be great for driving, as the lenses are large enough to provide good visibility.

The Ray-Ban 3136 Square Caravan sunglasses are a great choice for those looking for a casual and stylish pair of sunglasses. Emma Stone looks great in them and they would be perfect for anyone with a similar style.

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