Where to Buy Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry Sunglasses

Actor Clint Eastwood as police Inspector Harry Callahan in the 1971 American action thriller Dirty Harry wears Ray-Ban Balorama (model 4089) with black frame and green polarized lenses throughout the movie.

The hair goes with the threads that go with the shades. Let’s be honest here; these are not “Dirty Harry Sunglasses”. They are most certainly “Dirty Harry Shades”. Eastwood takes the regular idea of “cop” glasses and tosses it like a stale doughnut. These are some blues-inspired, cat-eye-looking, death-stare-inducing, make-your-woman-want-to-party-all-night-long-baby shades.

With Eastwood rocking these bad boys as a street smart detective, his grit complements the flair of the shades. Cool, calm and collected aren’t exactly words you’d use for Eastwood in this flick, but they sure work for the shades. Unorthodox is definitely one way to describe Eastwood in Dirty Harry, (thanks, IMDB) but you’d more likely describe him as a renegade. This is way before any other “renegade cop” films or shows. It is the quintessential original renegade cop flick. With Eastwood and his .44 Magnum taking on San Francisco, not many people get away unscathed.

We all like to watch a movie and feel like the main character was a straight up badass. It’s inspiring. Want that feeling of inspiration? Go watch Dirty Harry. Want to look like Eastwood? Get some Dirty Harry sunglasses. Badass is synonymous with Eastwood whether it’s cops or cowboys. Badass. Renegade. Vigilante. That is the essence of Eastwood and you better believe that’s what you get in this flick. Sit back, throw your feet on the coffee table, roll your favorite un-filtered cigarette, grab a glass of whiskey, and throw on your shades. It’s time to watch some damn Eastwood. Ray-Ban named these shades the “Baloramas”, but they probably should’ve just named them the “Lucky Punks”, because that’s how you’ll be feeling after throwing these suckers on you face. And no, even I couldn’t deny the chance to make that reference.

Want to strike fear in the face of evil and bring down punks all over the city? Start with a pair of these badass shades. Get ‘em here.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Ray-ban 4089 Balorama sunglasses so highly sought after even after 40 years after its release.

Classic, Trendy, and Stylish
If you have a penchant for stylish sunglasses, then you will love the RB4089 Balorama. Designed with fashion in mind, these shades feature green-tinted and crystal lenses along with curved, black nylon frames. The Ray-ban logo print on both temples and on one lens adds a touch of class to the shades.

Protective Eyewear
Your eyes are one of your most important assets, and the Ray Ban RB4089 Balorama sunglasses are designed to keep them safe. These fashion eyeglasses come with polarized lenses, and this means that they not only reduce glare to enhance vision, but also protect your eyes from the sun’s strong ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Additional Convenient Accessories
With the Ray Ban RB4089 Balorama, you don’t have to buy accessories for your sunglasses separately. This package gives you value for money as it comes with a lens cleaning cloth and sunglasses carrying case. All of these convenient accessories have Ray-ban’s chic signature embedded in them.

Comfortable Fit
If you can wear shades measuring 62 mm, then the RB4089 Balorama is the perfect fit. The curved styling of these sunglasses gives them a snug feel. What’s more, they only weight 4 ounces, and this makes them very light. Get this timeless pair of shades if you’d like to add some style to your personality!

2 thoughts on “Where to Buy Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry Sunglasses

  • Keith says:

    Can they be ordered in a prescription for my eyesight?

  • Chuck Lamb says:

    Can I get the balorama ray bands in prescription?

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