The Dude’s Sunglasses In The Big Lebowski

So, The Dude’s glasses in The Big Lebowski are pretty interesting. They’re a bit rare, and a bit weird, but hey man, they’ll really tie your wardrobe together. They look like Ray-Bans, which are usually what the stars are wearing in films, however, The Dude is rocking Vuarnets Legend 03 sunglasses.

The Big Lebowski is definitely a sweet late-90’s cult classic. This was the first real movie of its type that I personally watched. While there were no super-action sequences or more of a story than, “Hey man, I just want my rug back”, The Big Lebowski certainly captured my attention and made me feel pretty chill. I just wanted to be The Dude. Chill out, have some crazy, weird ass friends who are pretty damn awesome, and have an arch-nemesis named “The Jesus”? I’m in.

I own the Vuarnets as well as a similar looking pair of JIM HALO. The JIM HALO sunglasses are cheaper. They look great and they are a good alternative if you would like to save around $140.

Since 1957 Vuarnet sunglasses, or Skilynx Acier as they were originally called, have been a staple of expression and style— making them a perfect match for The Dude’s sunglasses. Vuarnet ‘Legend’ 03 sunglasses feature a timeless design that will accent any wardrobe, and pull your look together as a statement piece. Like the character himself, The Dude’s sunglasses are a bold look for a bold individual.

These shades are lightweight and comfortable, coming in full size brown lenses crafted into the iconic pilot shape. Premium plastic full rims make The Dude’s sunglasses easy to wear all day (and night)! Not adding any noticeable weight, these frames are easy on the bridge of your nose and your ears— no only leading themselves towards a stylish look, but an easy going lifestyle.

Optical health is an important thing, and The Dude’s sunglasses offer 100% UV protection from the sun’s rays. As with all Vuarnet sunglasses, style and protection go hand in hand. Without The Dude’s sunglasses, he’s just a dude… if you’re looking for a bold statement piece to turn heads and truly become an accent of your personality buy a pair now! Look like the El Duderino himself and tie your look together with the Vuarnet 03.

The Dude wearing sunglasses in The Big Lebowski

2 thoughts on “The Dude’s Sunglasses In The Big Lebowski

  • Jim says:

    Just bought these in Nightlynx yellow!

  • Giusy says:

    Hi, do you know the model name of the sunglasses worn by Bunny in The big Lebowski?

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