Buy the Men in Black Sunglasses Worn by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

Will Smith as Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent K wear Ray-Ban (RB2027) Predator sunglasses in the 1997 action comedy Men in Black.

“You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good.” Agent J, Will Smith’s character from Men In Black, said this as he slipped on the final touches of his new suit with his iconic sunglasses. You can look just as good as Agent J with a pair of your own!

Alien hunters Agent J and Agent K just wouldn’t be the same without their glorious eyewear. Sliding these stylish glasses behind their ears, the duo defeated and conquered all malicious alien activity. It was the glasses that made the outfit, it was the glasses that made them stand out as the men in black. You can wear the same style glasses, fashioned by Ray Ban, but you better suit up so you can be a bono fide agent in black, too.

These awesome spectacles rival competitors with quality crafted, sleek, black frames and the lenses are tinted with a green pigment, giving it that extra special detail. It is with these wonderful added specificities that make these glasses stand out from the rest and lets you walk out the door ready to take on any alien foe that stands in your path.

Just slip these great buys on, just like Agent K and Agent J, any time a neuralyzer is about to zap your memory or when slimy guts from an alien come flying your way. Or you could just use them to block the sun’s rays. You will always be prepared for whatever obstacle that blocks your path with these MIB sunglasses.

No matter the use, whether you are fighting alien bad guys, driving in your car to work, or enjoying a walk in the park, these are the perfect glasses to protect your eyes from whatever bright light or slime that comes your way.

Will Smith Wearing sunglasses in Men in black

One thought on “Buy the Men in Black Sunglasses Worn by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones

  • Lloyd Cadrain says:

    Want the ones from the final scenes

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