Ethan Hawke’s Sunglasses in Leave The World Behind (2023)

In the suspenseful backdrop of the 2023 film “Leave The World Behind,” Ethan Hawke’s character, Clay Sandford, is seen sporting the timeless Ray-Ban 2140 Original Wayfarer Classic sunglasses. Designed in 1952 by Raymond Stegeman, the Wayfarers were a revolutionary style with their trapezoidal frame shape and sturdy arms, representing a blend of danger and reliability.

This style witnessed fluctuating popularity, nearly phasing out in the 1970s, only to surge back into fashion through significant movie placements in the 1980s, notably in films like “Risky Business“. The Wayfarers have since become synonymous with a rebellious spirit and enduring cool, mirroring the film’s themes of unexpected chaos and resilience amidst global uncertainty. As Clay navigates the mysterious and treacherous world that unfolds before him, his Ray-Ban 2140 Wayfarers are more than mere accessories; they are a symbol of enduring style and strength in the face of adversity.

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