Buy the Sunglasses Jennifer Aniston Wears in The Bounty Hunter

In 2010, Jennifer Aniston starred in the action-comedy The Bounty Hunter as Nicole Hurley. The movie follows ex-cop bounty hunter Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler), who is hired to track down his ex-wife, Nicole (Jennifer Aniston), who has skipped bail. Jennifer Aniston wore a pair of her signature Tom Ford “Jennifer” sunglasses. The style is a classic cat-eye, but with a modern twist.

Milo Boyd is a former cop-turned-bounty hunter who tracks down his bail-jumping ex-wife, Nicole Hurley. He is assigned to bring her to court to face charges of embezzlement. However, things quickly become complicated when he finds out that she is also his next target.

Nicole is a reporter who is investigating a story about a group of treasure hunters who have gone missing in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. She is also the ex-wife of Milo Boyd, who is now a bounty hunter. When he is hired to bring her in to face charges of embezzlement, he finds out that she is also his next target.

The two eventually team up to find the missing treasure hunters and clear their own names. Along the way, they discover that they still have feelings for each other.

The Bounty Hunter was not a critical success, but it was a box office hit, grossing over $136 million worldwide.

One of the most iconic elements of the movie is the sunglasses that Jennifer Aniston wears as Nicole Hurley. The sunglasses are Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses with a transparent brown frame. Her co-star, Gerard Butler, is seen wearing Oliver Peoples Farrell in the same movie. The Tom Ford Jennifer sunglasses are a great choice for anyone looking for a sophisticated cat-eye style. They’re versatile enough to be worn with a casual outfit or a more formal one. And, of course, they look great on Aniston.

The Bounty Hunter is a fun, action-packed movie that is sure to entertain. If you are looking for a movie to watch with a friend or loved one, this is the perfect choice.