Anthony Edwards’ (Goose) Top Gun Sunglasses

Anthony Edwards as Nick “Goose” Bradshaw wears Ray-Ban 3136 Caravan sunglasses with a gold frame in the 1986 action movie Top Gun. In the 1986 […]

Barry Tubb’s (Wolfman) Top Gun Sunglasses

Barry Tubb as Leonard “Wolfman” Wolfe wears Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses with a black frame in the 1986 action drama Top Gun. In Top Gun, every […]

Glen Powell’s (Hangman) Top Gun Sunglasses

Glen Powell as Lt. Jake ‘Hangman’ Seresin wears Ray-Ban (RB2132) New Wayfarer sunglasses with a black frame in the 2022 action drama Top Gun: Maverick. […]

Clarence Gilyard’s (Sundown) Top Gun Sunglasses

Clarence Gilyard as Marcus “Sundown” Williams wears Ray-Ban 3513 Aviator sunglasses with a silver frame and mirrored grey lenses in the 1986 action drama Top […]

Air Boss Johnson’s Top Gun Sunglasses

Duke Stroud as Air Boss Johnson wears Ray-Ban 3030 Outdoorsman sunglasses with gold frame and green lenses in the 1986 action drama Top Gun. One […]

Zac Efron’s ‘Neighbors’ (2014) Sunglasses

Zac Efron wears Ray-Ban 3029 Outdoorsman sunglasses with gold metal frame and grey lenses in the 2014 movie Neighbors. Zac has been in the spotlight […]

Al Pacino’s Hangman (2017) Sunglasses

Al Pacino as Ray Archer wears Ray-Ban 3025 Aviator sunglasses in the 2017 drama Hangman. The legendary actor, known for his iconic roles in American […]

Monica Barbaro’s (Phoenix) Top Gun Sunglasses

Monica Barbaro as Lieutenant Natasha ‘Phoenix’ Trace wears Ray-Ban 2180 Round sunglasses with a dark havana frame and brown lenses. Her character, Lieutenant Natasha ‘Phoenix’ […]

Harrison Ford’s The Expendables 3 Sunglasses

In the 2014 action film “The Expendables 3,” Harrison Ford takes on the role of Drummer. As part of his character’s distinctive style, Ford sports […]

Juan Pablo Raba’s Sunglasses in Freelance (2023)

In the 2023 action-comedy “Freelance,” Juan Pablo Raba portrays President Juan Venegas, clad in the iconic Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Classic sunglasses with a gold frame […]