Where to Buy Prom Dresses

For many years now the United Kingdom has been seen as something of a 51st state of the US. I don’t say that in a disrespectful way, for course – I was born and raised in the UK – but we’ve always taken our lead from the United States in certain cultural matters.

Much of the time the cultural things we borrow from the other side of the pond are… well, not too great, but just occasionally we pick something up that’s worthwhile. Proms, for instance, are (I think) a great idea.

Back when I graduated from high school in the mid-90s we didn’t have much in the way of year end events. There was the occasional school disco, of course, but it didn’t come with anything like the hype attached to your average US high school prom. The students wore casual clothes, ate crisps, drank soft drinks and generally messed around like kids.

The prom, though, is a nice rite of passage. It’s an opportunity for girls to wear beautiful dresses and guys to wear their first rented tux; a chance for kids to experience a facsimile of a grown-up event in a safe environment. I love the idea, and I think it has a lot of merit.

Of course, there will always be a little stress attached to the night, not least of which involves the selection of prom dresses. As a male I only have a very vague understanding of the importance of dresses – in my opinion they either look nice or they don’t – but so much thought is put into the selection of the perfect dress that you’d think we were actually talking about an important subject. Football, for instance.

I kid, I kid. The perfect prom dress is important on such a night. This may be the first serious, potentially classy social event a young woman will ever attend, and it’ll certainly be a night to remember, so it’s vital for everything to be just right.

I’d advise that the best place to find the perfect prom dress is Simple Dresses. The prom dresses UK site specialises in fancy dresses at great prices, with fantastic discounts and all the latest styles. If you have a prom coming up this year you should definitely check out the site. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your perfect dress on the front page!

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