The Importance of a Great Prom Dress

As a guy I’ll never truly understand many aspects of life unique to women. Just to look at my own partner, for instance, I know that I’ll never grasp the reason she sees the need to grow her fingernails into sharp, painful talons. The moment she’s finally satisfied with the length is the very moment it becomes impossible for her to perform day to day functions such as zipping up her dress or opening a car door. What’s more, the point at which she’s happy with the length comes about six hours before she breaks a nail, cuts them off and starts over.

I’m baffled by this (don’t get me started on wearing high heels in the countryside either), but I know that there are just some things I’m not supposed to understand. Instead I’m expected to remain silent on these subjects and assume that there’s some logic, no matter how baffling, behind them.

When it comes to prom dresses, though, I completely understand. I understand why young women spend weeks picking out the perfect dress, only to change their minds as the prom approaches. I understand why a young woman might go through a dozen dresses before she picks one out that’s just right for the occasion. I understand why she’ll fuss over every last detail, never quite satisfied and always nervous.

I understand this because I know that the prom, like a wedding, is one of the few opportunities most women will encounter in life that offer the illusion, no matter how fleeting, that tonight – just tonight – they live in their very own fairytale.

Every detail has to be perfect. Every strap must be pristine, every frill and dangly bit must be perfectly frilly and dangly (OK, I clearly don’t know how to describe dresses) and everything must be perfectly designed to make the wearer look like a princess. It’s a tough decision, and it understandably takes a lot of thought to pick the dress that will be immortalised in photographs that will be gazed upon for decades to come.

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