Cashmere Bed Socks for Women

Cashmere Bed SocksFor several months now my partner and I have been living in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The city is one of the most remote capital cities on the planet, and Mongolia itself is the most sparsely populated country on earth. As soon as winter arrives in Ulaanbaatar it’s easy to see why.

Winter here is… well, it’s cruel. The night time temperature falls below -40 degrees Celsius, and even with many layers of winter clothing it’s painful to spend more than a few minutes outdoors. This, then, is a time of year when all sane men and women stay indoors and keep their clunky, temperamental Soviet radiators on a high heat.

It’s also a time for the little comforts in life that make a winter like this bearable. Mongolia produces about a third of the world’s cashmere and, while this wonderful fabric is seen as a luxury in the west, here in Mongolia cashmere clothing is standard fare. That’s not to say it isn’t expensive (especially in comparison to the extremely low average Mongolian wage), but it can be bought for a fraction of the price of cashmere in the western world.

This winter I’ve discovered one of the great joys in life: cashmere bed socks. At the end of a long, cold day I’ll climb under the duvet wearing a pair of the most comfortable socks known to man, and within moments the stresses of the day are forgotten. Cashmere bed socks are Mongolia’s greatest gift to the world, and now you can have your very own pair to warm your toes on those long, chilly winter nights.

The beauty of cashmere bed socks is that they are truly single purpose. Cashmere is a soft, fragile and hollow fiber that isn’t suitable for the stresses and strains our socks are put through during the day. Regular cotton socks need to be tough enough to survive a day squeezed into a pair of shoes, stepped on thousands of times without tearing. As a result they tend to be scratchy and uncomfortable.

Cashmere bed socks, on the other hand, are designed simply to keep your feet warm through the night. They have one job, and they do it perfectly.

The cashmere bed socks featured on this page are made from 100% Mongolian and Tibetan cashmere – some of the finest quality cashmere on earth. Apart from 2% nylon at the neck of the socks (to keep them from falling down) these are pure, luxurious cashmere. Your feet will never want to go back into a pair of regular cotton socks!

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