Cashmere Baby Blanket: Where to Find the Best Price

Cashmere Baby BlanketNaturally, there’s nothing you want more than to give your baby the best, most comfortable blanket you can when it’s time for bed, not only because they’re your whole world but – and we’re edging away from parental love and into blatant self interest territory here – comfortable babies sleep better, and God knows you need some well-deserved sleep yourself.

Now, I live in Mongolia, home of a third of the world’s cashmere production, and I know good cashmere when I see it. When my little one was a baby we wrapped him up in a Mongolian cashmere blanket each night, and almost immediately he began to fuss less and sleep better.

In honor of parents getting a good night’s rest around the world, then, today I’m going to write a little about some of the best cashmere baby blankets money can buy. Some are expensive, some cheap, but each one will help your little one drift off to a peaceful rest… and that’s priceless.

This first suggestion isn’t actually intended as a cashmere baby blanket, but the price is so great that I couldn’t resist mentioning it.

This blanket is more than large enough for baby at 50″ x 60″. It’s hand-knitted in Nepal from 100% finest quality Nepalese cashmere, and at 3-ply it’s wonderfully thick and warm. These blankets usually retail at around $800, but this baby blue cashmere blanket is on sale while stocks last for just $189.95. At the time of writing there were only seven remaining, and when I checked the morning there were nine, so don’t expect this blanket to stay in stock for long.

Of course, $189 is too high a price for many, so if you’re looking for something a little more reasonable I can’t recommend this next baby blanket more highly – it’s the one we used when our son was small enough to cradle in my arms, and it saw us through a lot of peaceful nights.

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Pure Cashmere Baby Blanket Natural 3 Ply

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Again, this blanket was made in Nepal from 100% high quality Nepalese cashmere – my partner and I actually got ours from the source during a final vacation before our bundle of noisy joy came along.

The blanket measures 36″ x 36″, the perfect size for a baby blanket, and the edges are lined with satin so little baby can chew away without damaging the fabric.

The blanket is available in a wide range of colors including blue, pink, white, grey and lavender.

Vitally, the blanket is machine washable, so it’ll be no problem when baby inevitably gets it dirty.

At just $69.99 this cashmere baby blanket is undoubtedly the best purchase you could make to keep your little darling comfortable, and ensure yourself a good night’s rest.

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